Safe At Home’s Annual Fund


There are so many worthy causes that ask for your support, so why choose us?

  • Our “safe-rooms” are in schools where children are, they don’t need to leave the school grounds to find us.
  • Our masters-level counselors provide services in schools every day that school is in session.
  • Exposure to violence, without timely intervention, has significant and damaging long-term effects like increased risk of social isolation, school absenteeism, drug use, anxiety, juvenile delinquency, and suicide. These effects can be mitigated by having safe spaces like Margaret’s Place –named after Joe Torre’s mother.
  • The Margaret’s Place Room is a dedicated safe room in schools where students can be in a comfortable space— a place where respect and confidentiality are the rule.

Why choose us?

  • With over 15 million children suffering the devastating consequences of violence in their homes each year, our services remain critical- and your gift will help us provide counseling, intervention, and prevention services for youth that have been impacted by violence.
Thank you for considering Safe At Home, and thank you for helping us to make a difference in the lives of children.


Safe At Home Launches Print Campaign to Shed Light on Psychological Trauma of Domestic Violence

In October, our Foundation partnered with gyro New York to launch a print campaign to help illustrate the traumatizing impact of domestic violence on children. The campaign was released nationally, notably highlighted in the Wall Street Journal. While the campaign consists of three different images, they all convey a unified message: that exposure to violence can affect brain development. As a result, children are at higher risk of violent or abusive behavior as they become adults themselves, should they have been exposed to such behavior during their upbringing without interventions like Safe At Home’s Margaret’s Place.

The three separate images each focus on a different child. In all cases, the child’s brain is exposed to the viewer, and the memories that have left a mark (either having been a witness or victim to some form of violence) are explicitly materialized as etchings upon the brain’s cortex. While certain occurrences may be in the past, just because an event has concluded, or the physical marks from such violence have faded, this cannot be mistaken with the belief that the experience has not caused any long term harm to those involved.

The tag lines in the three respective images are as follows: “Not all scars are visible” “Once they see it, it stays with them” and “Some injuries never heal”. The children’s bowed heads also elicit an element of empathy: looking down at the ground may symbolize any combination of dejection, shame, fear, lack of confidence, lack of hope, or a variety of other emotions. At Safe At Home, we believe that it is our responsibility, all of us in society, to help our children. To ensure that our children are not made to feel this way, to keep our children safe, to make them feel secure, and ultimately to end the cycle of domestic violence.

Through this campaign we wanted to represent that the lasting impacts of domestic violence often transcend the physical realm. We would like to sincerely thank gyro for their pro bono efforts in creating this powerful statement with us.

View the high resolution print advertisements here: