2019 Spring Awareness Campaigns

Each spring, our peer leaders at all of our locations identify an issue that is negatively impacting their community and then take a stand by raising awareness and providing resources on that topic. This year, our peer leaders chose topics such as peace and kindness, suicide prevention and mental health promotion, ending sexual assault, community violence and youth activism, colorism, and more. Through their hard work and their passion to educate others, we reached more than 12,000 young people nationwide.

Learn more about our Margaret’s Place model and how our campaigns integrate into our work.

Did you know that a gift of $250 can provide the supplies needed to support awareness campaigns just like these at one of our schools? Visit joetorre.org/donate today to make a gift and help end the cycle of violence.

Co-Founders Share Safe At Home with New Audiences

This spring has been a busy season for our co-founders Ali and Joe Torre. We are so grateful for the many partnership opportunities they’ve had to spread the news about Safe At Home.

On April 11, Ali and Joe were honored as the 2019 Service Award Recipients by the Yogi Berra Museum for their work with Safe At Home. This beautiful, annual event celebrates the legacy of MLB legend Yogi Berra, including his dedication to promoting respect, perseverance, sportsmanship, and excellence through inclusive, culturally-diverse programs. Check out photos from their event now!

On May 2, Joe was honored by St. John’s Bread & Life – along with music legend Yoko Ono – at their annual Johnny’s Angel Awards. The awards ceremony helped raise funds for vulnerable families in Brooklyn and Queens. Just after that, he spoke at the 96th Atlantic Dermatological Conference.

Ali and Joe then joined our corporate sponsor, Barings, on May 13 for their annual gala. That evening, they shared stories about Safe At Home’s founding, as well as personal stories and anecdotes about Joe’s time with the Yankees with the excited crowd of supporters.

Joe made a final pit stop at Skidmore College, where he was their commencement speaker. Torre shared that, “One thing I learned over the years, to be a leader, you have to listen a lot… You can’t treat people all the same because they’re all different. You’ve got to put in the time. We wanted to get someplace, the postseason and World Series. Pretty much everybody committed to that. I just kept reminding them, ‘We all have to pull in the same direction.’” Check out an article in a local news outlet about his speech.

Denim Day 2019

Denim Day grew out of a case in which a rape conviction was overturned in Italy because the judge reasoned the victim’s tight jeans meant that she had to have helped her assailant remove them, implying consent. People were outraged all over the world, and wearing jeans became an international symbol of protest against erroneous and destructive attitudes and myths surrounding sexual assault.

This year, Safe At Home’s team had a very busy Denim Day. Our NYC-based staff joined the annual New York City Denim Day Rally downtown at Foley Square in the morning, along with countless other organizations that work to end sexual assault. A team of staff and alumni interns also visited Unilever headquarters in New Jersey to talk about Denim Day with their staff and lead an art activity to raise awareness about the myths surrounding sexual assault. We ended the night in Washington Heights with local law enforcement, the parks department, and other community-based organizations for a Denim Day-themed community night.

Check out a full album of our Denim Day activities on Facebook now!