Introducing the Safe At Home Peer Yearbook

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented new challenges for our participants – and for how Safe At Home works with them. It also presented a new opportunity for us to work creatively as a team to continue supporting our participants at this difficult time

One of the core components of our Margaret’s Place model is peer leadership, where a group of youth gather every week to learn more about advocacy, activism, conflict resolution, leadership, and violence prevention. Our goal is for our peer leaders to become the next generation of advocates against violence and abuse. A few of these peer leaders in New York City also have the opportunity to join our team as a part-time member of our program staff when they graduate; known as alumni interns, these young adults are critical to ensuring youth voice is present in our work, and provide valuable mentorship and insight to our peer leaders.

This year, Safe At Home’s alumni team had planned to hold our first-ever Peer Leadership Summit through support provided by the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation. The summit would have been an in-person gathering of our peer leaders in New York – with an opportunity for those in Cincinnati and Los Angeles to submit videos or written pieces to be presented from afar. We envisioned an opportunity for each group of peer leaders to showcase what they’ve learned in a creative format. Unfortunately because of the pandemic, we had to re-envision the summit and the final capstone for our peer leaders.

Our amazing alumni team suggested a peer yearbook – a culminating document with highlights, advice, and photographs to commemorate the peer leader’s accomplishments. With content provided by our peer leaders and counselors, the alumni worked together to create the 2019-2020 Peer Yearbookcheck it out now!

We’re also excited to share with you some reflections from the year by our alumni team to commemorate their hard work as well. You don’t want to miss their thoughtful reflections on this challenging year.