Safe At Home’s expert staff are offering our first ever, open registration virtual workshop: Understanding the Impacts of Intimate Partner Violence and How to Cope. This workshop will be held on Friday, December 4, from 10:30am to 12pm ET. The workshop will be held via  safe, confidential Zoom account – link to be provided in advance only to registrants. Register using the form below!

Intimate partner violence (IPV) can have significant impacts on those who experience it. This workshop will explore how IPV impacts a person’s general functioning. Participants will learn about patterns and cycles of abuse that appear and reappear in intimate partner relationships at any age. Participants will explore the impact that this type of trauma and abuse can have on the physical, emotional, cognitive, and other development, with a specific focus on the stress response. Participants will become familiar with adaptive ways to cope with experiences of IPV, including the use of mindfulness as a way to lessen the physical impacts of trauma and abuse. This workshop will encourage participants to find ways to incorporate practical applications of this knowledge into their lives.

This workshop will be facilitated by Typhani Carter (LCSW), Safe At Home’s Vice President of Programs, and Jennifer Herbert (ATR-BC, LCAT), Safe At Home’s Associate Vice President of Programs.

Online registration for this workshop is now closed. Late registrations may be considered; please email Kristin at