Making a mask

Safe At Home often uses art therapy as a creative way for our counseling students to express their feelings and cope with their experiences. This year, our Art Therapy Intern Linh led a special workshop at College Academy in Washington Heights for 40 students. Students were invited to explore the persona that they reveal or conceal from the world through the outside and inside of a life-size mask.

Students were provided with tissue papers and markers to support their creative process, as well as free self-expression with other materials. The goal  was to create a safe space for our young students to express themselves and to explore their identities and persona, what they show the world and what they hold back for themselves.

During the workshops, students were engaged and excited to make not only their mask, but also see other students’ masks at the end (with consent). Some students found the inside part of a mask to be a safe platform for them to express difficult thoughts or feelings, such as anxiety, concerns, loss or confusion. Meanwhile, other students took this opportunity to be creative and to embrace their cultural identity from the outside of the masks.