Safe At Home promotes children’s safety, well-being, and hope for their future.

safe at home

Our Foundation

Safe At Home provides healing services to youth who have been traumatized by exposure to violence including domestic violence, child abuse, teen dating abuse, and sexual assault in order to empower them to live healthy lives free of violence. Our mission is to educate to end the cycle of domestic violence and save lives.

We developed our multi-faceted school-based program, Margaret’s Place, with the understanding that protective factors can decrease or mitigate the harm associated with exposure to violence and complex trauma. Our master’s level counselors help children to strengthen their resilience, let them know that they are not alone, and underscore that the violence is not their fault– all while providing a safe place in the school. Margaret’s Place’s layered approach also raises youth consciousness about violence and its effects on individuals and communities. At Margaret’s Place, we work to empower youth and help them find their voice. We also provide training and consultation to school staff, families, and communities regarding trauma and its impact.

Joe’s Story

Growing up in a home where there was domestic violence was very difficult and left lasting scars. Although I didn’t realize it then, I used to feel like the abuse was my fault. I felt helpless and alone. For many years, I felt ashamed and worthless. As an adult, I began to speak openly about my childhood experience with domestic violence. As I gained the understanding and knowledge that too many children live in fear, are unaware of how to ask for help, and suffer the same debilitating fear that I and my family had, my wife, Ali, and I founded the Safe At Home Foundation in 2002.