Participant Snapshot: Meet Kara

Kara was in tenth grade at Brooklyn Academy for Science and the Environment (BASE) when she first came into Margaret’s Place. “As soon as I walked in, it felt like a completely different place in our school – colorful, bright, welcoming,” she explains.

Though she was only 15, she felt like she’d already experienced so much in her life. “Unfortunately, there were a lot of unhealthy things going on for me – but coming to Safe At Home helped steer me in a new direction.”

She joined a girls group, where they talked about concerns they had in school, social issues, and more. It became a sisterhood for her – a trusted group of friends to rely on when things were tough.

When she graduated from BASE, Kara knew she wasn’t ready to leave Safe At Home behind. She joined our team as an Alumni Intern and served for two years in that role. She worked with the students at Hostos-Lincoln Academy of Science, leading workshops on healthy masculinities, consent and dating, and more. She also created and led her own workshop about colorism.

For Kara, joining our staff was more than a career opportunity; it was a chance to give back. “Safe At Home had such a positive impact on me, and I wanted to return that favor. For a lot of people, Margaret’s Place represents hope. And it represents the knowledge that I can make a difference. Even when the problem seems so large, I know that I can help.”