No Excuse for Abuse:

Supporting Survivors on Denim Day

Wednesday, April 26th is Denim Day.

Every year, Safe At Home stands with millions of others across the globe to support survivors of sexual assault and violence. Join us and wear jeans on April 26th to stand in solidarity with survivors and raise awareness around sexual assault!

Let’s explore some history and facts behind Denim Day, important facts around sexual assault and abuse, and ways the Safe At Home community can get involved.

Denim Day History

Denim Day first began in 1999 in response to the overturning of a sexual assault conviction in Italy. The Italian Supreme Court ruled that because the victim had been wearing tight jeans she must have helped the assailant to remove them, thus implying consent.

Outraged by the decision, women of the Italian parliament wore jeans to work the following day in protest. This protest inspired a powerful worldwide campaign that occurs every year. Denim Day encourages everyone to challenge the harmful misconceptions surrounding sexual violence and abuse, and stand in solidarity with survivors of sexual assault.

How To Participate

· Wear jeans on Wed. 4/26 to stand in solidarity with survivors and raise awareness about Denim Day and sexual assault
· Spread awareness by encouraging those around you to learn more about the importance of consent and boundaries
· Visit to learn more about how affirmative consent prevents sexual assault

Facts Around Sexual Assault/Abuse

There is no excuse for sexual assault or abuse; sexual assault is never the victims fault.

Telling someone that how they dress, how much they drank, or how they were behaving “invited” assault are all examples of victim blaming. Victim blaming promotes shame and can prevent survivors of assault from seeking support to heal.

Ways to support Survivors:

· Make space to listen without judgement
· Remind them the assault/abuse was not their fault
· Help them find resources for continued support, like the national sexual assault hotline 1-800-656-4673

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