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2023 Dance Works

Location: Greenwich Academy

Date: 03/19/2023, 4:00 pm-

19th Annual Dance Works 2023 Fundraiser Showcase

Come see the 19th Annual Dance Works Fundraiser Showcase on Sunday, March 19th 4:00pm at the Massey Theater, Wallace Performing Arts Center at Greenwich Academy, with several guest artists including LEGGYBONES PHYSICAL THEATER, Casey Howes and Jacob Warren, formerly of PILOBOLUS, Etrita Abdullahu and Corey Mangum who dance with Ballet des Ameriques, Emma Morris, Torre Randel, Breaking Ground Dance Center, City Center Dance, Dance NYAAD, Dance Works, Diedre O’Mara School of Irish Dance, East Pointe Dance, Isadora Duncan Youth Ensemble and Magical Movements School of Dance!

Each season we come together to bridge the gap between studio performing companies and professionals who gather in a non-competitive way to help save and improve lives. Thus far, we have raised over $94,000 for a variety of causes. This season, we are thrilled to be back on stage with a live audience!

Ticket sale proceeds from this season’s production will benefit Foundation for Women’s Cancer Move For Her campaign, and the Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation. The Foundation for Women’s Cancer’s is a nonprofit organization dedicated to research, increasing public awareness of gynecologic cancer risk awareness, prevention, early detection and optimal treatment. We also support the Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation, another nonprofit dedicated to the Domestic Violence Awareness initiative, helping to end the cycle and providing needed assistance by funding such programs as Margaret’s Place, dedicated safe rooms in schools where students can go where respect and confidentiality are the rule. Not everyone is safe at home and domestic violence cases have skyrocketed during this pandemic.

General Admission Tickets are available for purchase online only $40 for General Admission. A limited number VIP seats (25) are available for purchase to specify your choice seating and to gain entry before General Admission. These tickets are $100. All attendees ages 2+ require a ticket.  To purchase tickets, please visit this link.

This venue is now face mask optional. If the rules on this change you will receive an email. You may be asked to show ID upon arrival.

Other ways to show your support if you cannot make it:  make a donation directly to Joe Torre Safe At Home by using the form below.


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