Los Angeles Gala 2024

On April 11, 2024, Ali & Joe Torre gathered at the Maybourne Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA to host special guests from the worlds of sports, music, and entertainment, along with our life saving counselors, staff, board, and supporters. Guests enjoyed Red Carpet and Cocktails, followed by Dinner, a moving Program hosted by our Master of Ceremonies Bob Costas, and Live Auction with auctioneer extraordinaire Pat Tully.

We experienced a moving musical performance by recording artist, writer, producer, and social change artist MILCK, who is known for her anthemic songs that put words to the emotions behind global and grassroots movements.  

Most importantly, we had the extraordinary privilege of honoring Alison Petrocelli for her commitment, dedication and investment in Safe at Home since our inception in LA.

More than 20 years ago, we founded Safe At Home to save lives and end the cycle of violence and abuse through education. Today our vision is realized through our signature program, Margaret’s Place (MP), a safe space in schools where we support every child with open hearts and open arms and strengthen the courage, knowledge and resilience of individuals and communities through education, tools and capacity building. 

Across our 20 MP sites, we cultivate spaces where no one feels alone and where everyone feels safer and braver, together.  Each year, we reach over 20,000 children and since our inception we have directly served over 160,000 young people, their families, schools and communities. As a Principal recently shared with us: 

Margaret’s Place is much more than a room. It is a force in shaping who we are. It says We are determined to provide a respectful supportive environment for all members of our community. No one is alone. I cannot imagine my school without Margaret’s Place. It is and will continue to be part of who we are.

With feedback like this, coupled with two decades of data that demonstrates the positive impact of MP, we are uniquely poised to take our model to scale. Since our first MP opened in Los Angeles 12 years ago, we have expanded our reach across the County to serve 9 school communities.

We are thrilled to announce that we will open 9 additional MP sites this next year, right here in LA.


Charmaine Bailey • Joseph & Rita Cohen • Lindsay Crystal Miller  • Gia Levin • Edward Mady

Linda Tatum • Mareva Marciano • Neda Marroso • Daniel Petrocelli • Jeff Proctor

Michelle Richman • Tawny Sanders • Eve Somer • Vaun Wilmott • Lori Yve Sunkin

Proceeds from our Annual Los Angeles Gala support our work to shape a world where everyone is safer and

braver, together. We’re dreaming bigger for an even brighter future.

Your commitment, support, and generosity will go a long way in making this possible.

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